Want to be our Pastry Chef?

Here’s our deal: We are a busy restaurant. We work hard to create and serve Good Real Food. (We’ve been doing so for nearly 20 years!) We’re a growing, thriving part of our neighborhood and beyond. We have an amazing staff, we have fun, AND we're seeking a Pastry Chef to join our team!

The Birchwood is much more than a cafe; we’re a community. Being part of the larger picture is something we value, as is respect for a healthy planet. We demonstrate our commitment to our community by supporting sustainable organic farming, buying close to home, training and listening to our staff. We’ve been recognized time and time again by food writers, producers, and national leaders in the Food Movement, not just with awards and great reviews, but as the place they want to meet a friend for lunch or visit while they’re in town. We’re proud of that.

Our work environment is really special: it’s respectful, collaborative, and growth-driven. The Pastry Chef is a part of our kitchen leadership team, responsible for making creative decisions about our seasonal menus. We make everything from scratch, and while we take pride in our Bakery — from gluten-free donuts to amazing key lime pie and scores of other delicious treats — we are looking to expand our offerings and will welcome someone with new ideas and the drive to try new things. A knowledge of bread-making is a definite plus as well.

We care about our people, our sourcing, our farmers, and our mission — to connect people to delicious, nutritious food every day while raising awareness about a healthy food system that we can all be a part of. All people matter here, from dishwasher to farmer to guest. We have a fantastic team and everyone counts. If you’re looking for a unique, dynamic work environment where professionalism and creativity are valued, consider the Birchwood!

To be considered, we ask that you (1) Send your resume, along with a (2) Cover Letter detailing why you’d like to be our next Pastry Chef, including with your leadership experience and how you can help us grow so we can create and serve more Good Real Food. Please email our General Manager, Jimmy Red Layer: jimmy (at) birchwoodcafe.com. Position is open until filled.