Sunday Dinner

SUNDAY / 2pm to 9p

Our eggs, meats, cheese, and most of our fruits, vegetables, and grains are sourced from our friends on organic farms and farms that use sustainable practices in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

Sunday Night Specials

Burgers & Beer 30
Your choice of any 2 Birchwood burgers & any 2 pints of local, craft beer on tap!

Nice to Share

Crostini & Cracker Plate 10
Baguette crostini, seed crackers, pickled vegetables, sunflower seed pesto, jalapeno hummus, radish butter

Chicken Wings 10
Piri piri sauce, buttermilk blue cheese, celery curls GF

Roasted Radishes 10
Radish butter, radish coulis, radish oil, fermented ramps, fancy salt + pepper GF

Organic French Fries 6
Housemade ketchup & dipping sauce du jour GF

Pickle Plate 6
Housemade pickled vegetables & seed crackers (V) / Available GF — just ask your server!


Bowl 6.5 / Cup 4.5
Served with fresh baked bread (sub. GF for $2)
QUART To-Go 12

  • Asparagus White Bean + Turkey Chowder GF
  • Kernza Tortilla Soup (V)

Deli Salads

Bowl 6.5 / Cup 4.5

Served with fresh baked bread (sub. GF for $2)
See case for today’s selections

Deli Sampler 12
Choice of three deli salads on a bed of mixed greens & herbs


Steak & Fries 19 - 4 oz. / 28 - 8 oz.
Peterson Limousin grass-fed grilled New York strip, grilled asparagus french fries, sauce du jour, mixed herbs GF

Nettle Pesto Tagliatelle 19
Housemade noodles, sauteed seasonal vegetables, sunflower seed pesto, parmesan, garden doodads

Roasted Chicken 21
Leg + thigh, grilled asparagus, yogurt dill mashers, nettle butter gravy

Fish + Fries 24
Beer battered Red Lake walleye, coleslaw, french fries, tartar sauce, mixed herbs GF


Summer Hand Pie 13
Chickpeas, sweet peas, asparagus, onion + parmesan in cream cheese pastry, rhubarb strawberry chutney, fennel lemon coulis, little lettuces

Veggies & Rice 11
Chili tomato brown rice with sautéed seasonal vegetables GF (V)
Available with choice of Chicken Confit or Marinated Tofu (V) for $5

Savory Waffle 14
String bean, quinoa + feta waffle, rhubarb strawberry chutney, lemon dill butter, sunny side egg, bacon lardoons, maple syrup, powdered sugar
Available GF — just ask your server!


Served with fresh baked bread (sub. GF for $2)

Spring Salad 13
Spinach, watercress, parsley, shaved asparagus, Red Table pancetta, goat cheese, hemp seeds, buttermilk vinaigrette GF

Birchwood Salad Full 11 / Half 7
Mixed greens, Shepherd’s Way Hope cheese, sprouted lentils, carrot, onion, garlic basil vinaigrette, tomato, sunflower seeds GF


Birchwood Burger
Housemade ketchup & mustard, onion, pickled cucumbers, lettuce, birdseed bun
Add cheddar $1 / Add bacon $2

your choice of:
Peterson Limousin grass-fed beef 14
Ferndale Turkey 13
Black Bean Quinoa 12

Spring Burger
Rhubarb jalapeno marmalade, dill fennel aioli, white cheddar, little lettuces, buttermilk bun
Add cheddar $1 / Add bacon $2

your choice of:
Peterson Limousin grass-fed beef 16
Ferndale Turkey 15
Black Bean Quinoa (VR) 14

Curry Egg Salad Sandwich 13
Balchao masala curry, naan flatbread, Red Table pancetta, scallions

Avocado Turkey Salad Sandwich 12.5
Roasted pepitas, red onion, lettuce, birdseed bread

Chimichurri Tofu Sandwich 12.5
Dandelion, radish, pickled fennel, carrot, lemon tofu spread, little lettuces, herb focaccia(V)


On housemade crust (sub. GF for $3)

Roasted Ham Pizza 14
Roasted ham, horseradish mustard oil, grilled onion, mushrooms, pickled fiddles, dill, white cheddar, provolone

Vegetable Pizza 13
Fennel lemon coulis, asparagus, sweet peas, red onion, pickled peppers, parmesan, provolone

Sausage 12
Pork sausage, tomato fennel ragout, cheddar, provolone

Cheese 11
Tomato fennel ragout, cheddar, provolone

On the Side

Chips & Salsa 4.5
Blue corn tortilla chips, housemade salsa roja GF (V)

Pickles 2
Housemade dill pickled cucumbers GF (V)

Greens 4.5
House-mixed greens & herbs with garlic basil vinaigrette GF (V)

Toast & Jam 2
Grilled birdseed bread with butter & seasonal housemade jam

GF Toast & Jam
Grilled housemade gluten-free bread with butter & seasonal housemade jam GF

Brown Rice 4.5
Chili tomato GF (V)

Two Eggs 4.5
Scrambled, over easy, or sunny-side GF

Sausage 5
German dill GF

Fruit 6.5
Fresh, seasonal mix GF (V)

French Toast (1/2 slice) 4
Maple syrup, powdered sugar

Bacon 5 GF

Kids' Dinner Menu

10 & under / Served with choice of mini salad, housemade applesauce OR sautéed broccoli

Turkey Burger 6
Housemade ketchup, cheddar, provolone, pickles, birdseed bun

Battered Walleye 6
Red Lake walleye, housemade tartar sauce

Black Bean Quinoa Burger 6
Housemade ketchup, cheddar, provolone, pickles, birdseed bun

Hot Dog 5
Ferndale Market Turkey hot dog, fresh baked bun & housemade ketchup

Cheese Pizza 6
Tomato fennel ragout, cheddar, provolone / Available with broccoli by request

French Toast 5
Maple syrup, powdered sugar


Mixed Berry Crisp GF (V)

Key Lime, Strawberry Key Lime, Cherry, Coconut Cream Pie

Poppyseed Cake with blueberry lemon curd

Chocolate Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting

Strawberry Shortcake

Bakery Case / Ask your server for today’s selections

Izzy’s Ice Cream Single Scoop 4 / Double Scoop 5

Sweet Science Sorbet Single Scoop 5 / Double Scoop 7