WEEKDAYS / 11am to 5pm

Our eggs, meats, cheese, and most of our fruits, vegetables, and grains are sourced from our friends on organic farms and farms that use sustainable practices in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

*All menu items are subject to change.


Bowl 6.5 / Cup 4.5
Served with fresh baked bread (sub. GF for $2)
QUART To-Go 12

  • Chicken Noodle
  • Parsnip Pear (V) GF

Deli Salads

Bowl 6.5 / Cup 4.5

Served with fresh baked bread (sub. GF for $2)
See case for today’s selections

Deli Sampler 12
Choice of three deli salads on a bed of mixed greens & herbs

Soup & Deli Combo

Cup of Each 8.5 / Served with fresh baked bread (sub. GF for $2)


Served with fresh baked bread (sub. GF for $2)

Winter Salad 14
Massaged kale, Lone Grazer Hansom Cab cheese, Red Table Meat Co. lonza, mid-season oranges, orange champagne vinaigrette, candied cranberries, sunflower seeds, kale chips GF

House Salad Full 11 / Half 7
Mixed greens, Shepherd's Way Hope cheese, sprouted lentils, carrot, onion, grapefruit ginger vinaigrette, spicy pumpkin seeds GF


Roasted Roots Hand Pie 13
Turnip, parsnip, celery root, sweet onions, kale + feta in cream cheese pastry, fruit gastrique, sunchoke puree

Veggies & Rice 11
Sambal scallion brown rice with sautéed seasonal vegetables GF (V)
Available with choice of Chicken Confit or Marinated Tofu (V) for $5, or Seared Striped Bass for $9

Savory Waffle 14
Kale + quinoa + feta waffle, pineapple chutney, lemon rosemary butter, sunflower seeds, bacon lardoons, sunny-side egg, maple syrup, powdered sugar
Available GF — just ask your server!


Steak & Fries 19 - 4 oz. / 28 - 8 oz.
Peterson Limousin grass-fed grilled New York strip, sauteed radish + oyster mushrooms, french fries, sauce du jour, mixed herbs GF

Linguini Carbonara 22 *not available for take-out
Housemade noodles, Red Table Meat Co. pancetta, parmesan, oyster mushrooms, sweet peas, radish, fresh herbs (GF upon request)

Fried Striped Bass + Fries 24
Beer-battered Urban Organics striped bass, coleslaw, tartar sauce, french fries GF

Turkey Pot Pie 18 *not available for take-out
Brandied turkey + root vegetable stew, sunchoke puree, sunchoke chips, little lettuces


Birchwood Burger
Housemade ketchup & mustard, onion, pickled cucumbers, lettuce, birdseed bun
Add cheddar $1 / Add bacon $2

your choice of:
Peterson Limousin grass-fed beef 14
Ferndale Turkey 13
Black Bean Quinoa 12

Winter Burger
Mushroom duxelles, fontina, thyme aioli, lettuce, squash bun
Add cheddar $1 / Add bacon $2

your choice of:
Peterson Limousin grass-fed beef 16
Ferndale Turkey 15
Black Bean Quinoa (VR) 14

Pork Belly Steamed Bun 14
Hoisin pork belly, kimchi, sunny side egg, sambal lime aioli, microgreens, steamed bun

Turkey Salad Sandwich 12.5
Wild rice turkey salad, walnuts, cranberries, orange parsley mayo, red onion, lettuce, birdseed bread

Veggie + Hummus Sandwich 12.5
Jalapeno hummus, root vegetables, cracked pepper tofu spread, fresh pear, lettuce, herb focaccia (V)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Half Sandwich 7
Choice of Veggie + Hummus OR Turkey Salad Sandwich
On fresh baked bread (sub. GF for $3)
Served with choice of blue corn chips & salsa roja*
OR mixed greens with grapefruit ginger vinaigrette*
*Substitute Cup of Soup or Cup Deli for $2


On housemade crust (sub. GF for $3)

Chicken Confit Pizza 14
Confit chicken, parmesan mornay, fermented radish, thyme, feta, provolone, lemon oil

Vegetable Pizza 12
Roasted pear puree, walnuts, pickled red onion, kale, squash, blue cheese, provolone

Sausage 12
Pork sausage, tomato fennel ragout, cheddar, provolone

Cheese 11
Tomato fennel ragout, cheddar, provolone

On the Side

Organic French Fries 6
Housemade ketchup & dipping sauce du jour GF

Chicken Wings 9
Piri piri sauce, buttermilk blue cheese dressing, celery curls GF

Roasted Carrots 10
Garlic chevre mousse, roasted pear puree, mixed herbs, kale chips GF

Chips & Salsa 4.5
Blue corn tortilla chips, housemade salsa roja GF (V)

Pickles 2
Housemade dill pickled cucumbers GF (V)

Greens 4.5
House-mixed greens & herbs with grapefruit ginger vinaigrette GF (V)

Toast & Jam 2
Grilled birdseed bread with butter & seasonal housemade jam

GF Toast & Jam
Grilled housemade gluten-free bread with butter & seasonal housemade jam GF

Brown Rice 4.5
Sambal scallion GF (V)

Two Eggs 4.5
Scrambled, over easy, or sunny-side GF

Sausage 5
Wile rice + fennel patties GF

Fruit 6.5
Fresh, seasonal mix GF (V)

Pancakes 4.5
Maple syrup, powdered sugar

Bacon 5 GF

Kids' Lunch Menu

10 & under / Served with choice of mini salad, housemade applesauce OR sautéed broccoli

Turkey Burger 6
Housemade ketchup, cheddar, provolone, pickles, birdseed bun

Fish Sticks 6
Urban Organics tilapia, housemade tartar sauce

Black Bean Quinoa Burger 6
Housemade ketchup, cheddar, provolone, pickles, birdseed bun

Hot Dog 5
Ferndale Market Turkey hot dog, fresh baked bun & housemade ketchup

Cheese Pizza 6
Tomato fennel ragout, cheddar, provolone / Available with broccoli by request

Kiddy Pancakes 5
Maple syrup, powdered sugar


Izzy’s Ice Cream
Small Scoop 4 / Double Scoop 5
Ask your server for today's selections

Sweet Science Sorbet
Single Scoop 5 / Double Scoop 7
Ask your server for today's selections

See the case for today's selections