Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl writes about our breakfast in Minneapolis St Paul Magazine

"Home away from home". We are so honored. There is no higher compliment.

“I’ve always thought I was part Betazoid,” cracks Krista Tippett, leaning into the conversation and across the table at her “home away from home,” the Birchwood Cafe in Minneapolis. That self-description – in reference to “Star Trek: The Next Generation” commander Deanna Troi, whose empathic powers are finely tuned to human emotion – is as good as any explanation and description of why Tippett is the most interesting talk radio personality in the Twin Cities.

“We’re in this transformative moment that is stressful and may just, as much as any other point in human history, require us to find the best of ourselves that we don’t even know that we’re capable of. ” ~Krista Tippett

Couldn't agree more.
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