Thank You Birchwood Backers!

Thank You!The Birchwood Cafe completed its Kickstarter campaign with huge success! 980 wonderful backers are helped bring our expansion and remodeling plans to fruition. We ♥ our community!

It's GROW time!

The Birchwood Cafe launched a Kickstarter campaign on October 27, 2013 to help bring our expansion and remodeling plans to fruition. We see Kickstarter as more than a fundraiser; it represents a new level in our relationship with our community and we see it as an inclusive process. Thank you to everyone who became a part of our community—we ♥ our Birchwood Backers!

What our friends are saying

Michael Pollan"I've only been to the Birchwood Cafe once, but it was a memorable visit: May first, snowing outside, and, inside, a cozy delicious breakfast that reminded me how important community is to the conversation about rebuilding local food systems. Local food systems are, among other things, means to a larger end: the restoration of local communities, one of which was on vivid display that snowy morning at the Birchwood. The food was pretty good too!" –Michael Pollan

Joel Salatin

"The weak link in the entire integrity food movement is leadership by example. We have too much leadership by focus group or policy wonk; what we need are functioning models that can be duplicated. When I entered and enjoyed breakfast at Tracy Singleton's Birchwood Cafe, I knew instantly that I had entered one of those special templates that offers a model that can and should be duplicated in thousands of communities across our land."
–Joel Salatin, Polyface Farms

Andrew Zimmern"Everyone always asks me what the best way is to change the world and in a sense I have no clue. But I do know how to change my community by growing stuff around me. Thinking globally but acting locally is the best way to make a difference and simple acts are often the most meaningful. That’s why supporting Birchwood makes so much sense. It not only helps our neighborhoods and our city, it inspires and instructs other communities as well. The secret to changing our world for the better is to support our heroes in every way we can, and Tracy Singleton and the team at Birchwood are some of mine."
Andrew Zimmern

Bursting at the seams

Tracy Singleton, sole proprietor of Birchwood since 2003 says, "We are literally bursting at the seams in our current space—our staff and guests are ready for a facility that can better serve their needs." The larger Birchwood will accommodate a growing clientele with more seating, enhanced guest service, greater kitchen capacity, an expanded menu, more room for local art, increased catering, a community room, and an additional bathroom. The new facility and equipment will also provide Singleton's team a working environment that she says, "is worthy of their passion and skill."

The cafe will stay true its mission to serve Good Real Food with continued focus on delicious, local, organic and responsibly sourced ingredients cooked from scratch. The cafe will also increase its commitment to sustainable energy by hosting a community solar rooftop array and by adding more energy efficient design and appliances throughout the building.

Connected to the community

The Birchwood is a hub for amazing food, education, and fostering connections—people have so many great stories about how Birchwood has intersected with their lives. As a longtime supporter of community outreach and partner with many great organizations whose missions align with its own, Birchwood is a trailblazer in the Twin Cities local food movement. An industry leader in green initiatives, local sourcing, composting, and use of tap water and wind power, Birchwood is also host to a Nice Ride station, as well as being the first local business with an on-street bike parking stall.

Owner Tracy Singleton is actively engaged in helping transform our food system — inviting community members to regular Crop Mobs at Riverbend Farm, serving on the Homegrown Minneapolis Food Council and board of Renewing the Countryside, and holding standing membership in the Farmer’s Union. Birchwood is also participating in the True Food Chef Council to provide healthier food for kids attending Minneapolis Public Schools.

We look forward to growing our future together!

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Thanks to our Sponsors

Many wonderful local businesses have 'kicked in' to support our campaign! BiteSquadBig River YogaClassic ProvisionsElectric FetusFeatherstone FarmFischer Family Farms PorkGLS CompaniesHarriet BrewingHOURCARIndeed Brewing CompanyIzzy's Ice CreamKalona SuperNaturalNice Ride MinnesotaRush River Brewing CompanySummit Brewing CompanySurly Brewing Co.Verdant TeaBadger Mountain Vineyard • Welna II Hardware • Whole Grain MillingThe Wine Company