Our eggs, meats, cheese, and most of our fruits, vegetables, and grains are sourced from our friends on organic farms and farms that use sustainable practices in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa.


Individually boxed or plattered for 20 or more people.
All packaging is compostable. Priced per person.

Sandwich with Cookie Full 11.00 / Half 7.00
+ Chips & Salsa Roja 2.00
+ Mixed Greens 2.00
+ Cup of Deli Salad 3.00

Choice of Sandwich
All sandwiches made on our signature Birdseed Bread.
Substitute housemade Gluten-Free* bread for $3

  • Ham & Cheese – Shaved ham, fontina, thyme aioli, pickled red onion, lettuce
  • Turkey Salad – Roasted turkey, wild rice, cranberries, walnuts, orange parsley mayo, red onion, lettuce
  • Grilled Tofu (V) – Cracked pepper tofu spread, pears, carrot, lettuce
  • Veggie & Hummus – Roasted beet, jalapeno hummus, onion, radish, sambal lime aioli, lettuce
  • Roast Beef – Grass-fed beef, cheddar, pickled cucumber, jalapeno honey mustard mayo, red onion, lettuce

Choice of Cookie

    • Chocolate Chip
    • Lemon Hazelnut
    • Cherry Oatmeal (V)
    • Chocolate-Dipped Coconut Macaroon GF

    Deli Salads

    Birchwood Broccoli
    Dried cranberries, red onion, scallion, sunflower seeds, cumin coriander mayo

    Winter Tabbouleh
    Bulghur, dried cherry, winter vegetables, almond, mint, thyme, olive oil, lemon (V)

    Cumin Lime Black Bean
    Black beans, red onion, winter vegetables, cilantro, spicy pepitas, cumin lime vinaigrette GF (V)

    Spicy Peanut Pasta
    Pasta, carrot, red pepper, radish, peas, cilantro, cumin, coriander, spicy peanut dressing (V)

    Chipotle Bacon Sweet Potatoes
    Sweet potato, red potato, red onion, red pepper, bacon, scallion, hearty greens, chipotle mayo GF


    Available for groups ranging from 10 to 100 (or more!)


    From our friends at Peace Coffee–local roasters of organic, fair trade, bike-delivered beans. Includes organic sugar and organic cream.

    • Birchwood Blend / Medium Roast
    • Decaf / Dark Roast

    Iced or Hot Tea
    From our friends at Tea Source and Verdant Tea

    Freshly made at the cafe with organic sugar and organic lemons.

    • Classic
    • Seasonal

    Ask about our full selection of locally made sodas, apple cider & more!