Our eggs, meats, cheese, and most of our fruits, vegetables, and grains are sourced from our friends on organic farms and farms that use sustainable practices in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

Savory Bites

Jalapeno Hummus Crostini (V) 1.75
Pickled red onion, herb oil, little lettuces

Chicken Confit Crostini 1.75
Fennel lemon spread, asparagus, mixed herbs

Garlic Chevre Crostini 1.75
Dried cherries, chives, cracked pepper

--- Crostini platters are 50 for $70 (must be all one type of crostini) ---

Deviled Eggs GF 2.25
Pickled mustard, fresh herbs, fancy salt, cracked peppercorns

Roasted Carrot Skewer GF 2.25
White cheddar, pea pod, rhubarb fennel vinaigrette

Fried Tofu Skewer GF (V) 2.25
Roasted shiitake, radish, lemon dill vinaigrette, fresh herbs

Radish Tostada GF (V) 2.25
Sliced seasonal radish, bean puree, avocado, pickled red onion, little lettuces, chili oil

Carolina BBQ Meatballs GF 2.25 *
Sambal cilantro yogurt

Black Bean Quinoa Cakes GF (V) 2.25 *
Rhubarb jalapeno marmalade

Chicken Wings GF 2.25 *
Piri piri sauce, buttermilk blue cheese dressing

--- Platters of above bites are 50 for $90 (must be all one type of bite) ----
*This dish is served hot and requires a chafing dish for offsite catering

Mini Vegetable Hand Pie 3.00 *
Chickpeas, sweet peas, asparagus, onion, parmesan in cream cheese pastry + rhubarb jalapeno gastrique and little lettuces

--- Hand Pies Platters are 50 for $120 ----
*This dish is served hot and requires a chafing dish for offsite catering


Crostini + Spreads Sm $60 // Lg $110
Baguette crostini, kernza crackers, pickled veggies, jalapeno hummus, whipped radish butter, marinated mushrooms

Roasted VegetablesSm $50 // Lg $95
Roasted seasonal vegetables + sunflower pesto

Chips + Salsas Sm $35 // Lg $60
Blue corn tortilla chips, salsa roja, salsa verde

Cheeses Sm $85 // Lg $160
Assorted MN cheeses, lemon rosemary mascarpone, baguette crostini, kernza crackers, fruit gastrique, housemade mustard

Sweet Bites

Minimum of 24 pieces per item, per order.

Rhubarb Pecan Bar Bites 1.25

Fudge Brownie Bites GF 1.25

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies 1.00

Mini Coconut Chocolate Macaroons GF 1.00

Blueberry Chocolate Mini Donuts GF (V) 1.25

Lemon Rhubarb Mini Donuts GF (V) 1.25