Art in the Cafe

Paintings by Jodi Reeb


Selection #13 // Encaustic, ink and metallic paint on birch panel

About the Artist

Recently, I’ve developed an interest in creating rich surfaces that are pure in form and free of content. I’ve recently been painting with multiple paint mediums such as encaustic (molten beeswax) over layers of acrylic paint and iron oxide, bronze and copper pigments combined with patina finishes to create beautiful, rich surfaces that explore the opacity and translucency of each painting. By focusing on the surface, I’ve come to understand more about the dynamics of painting with acrylic paint and metallic finishes. My most current work focuses on the singular beauty of the surface and our relationships.

Inspiration comes from experimentation and the nature of the materials I use. I am also intrigued with how light accentuates the height and depth of the surface, creating light and shadow on and between the layers.

Reeb lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and has been creating art for over 25 years since childhood. Her artwork has been shown nationally receiving numerous awards and is in many private and corporate collections nationally. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design where she instructed printmaking in the Continuing Studies program for over 9 years. Currently, she teaches encaustic painting (molten beeswax) at the Minnetonka Center for Arts. Jodi creates her mixed-media paintings from her studio at the Traffic Zone Center for Visual Art in Minneapolis, but travels to the countryside to receive her inspiration, combining contrasting landscapes and environments in her work.

Photographs by Chuck Dayton, part of our Birchwood BOOST program


Penguin Parade. South Georgia Island.

About the Artist

Photography has become a kind of spiritual practice through which I can connect with

the natural beauty that I spent much of my life as a lawyer trying to protect and preserve. Taking photos enables me to follow the advice of poet Mary Oliver:

Pay attention

Be astonished

Tell about it.

I am privileged to spend much of each year in the north woods of Minnesota, where I photograph loons, sunsets, the Aurora and anything else that catches my eye. We also spend a part of the year in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina, finding an abundance of wildflowers, waterfalls and beautiful vistas.

Climate change is a major focus, and I often give talks about it. I’m honored that Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light asked me to mount this exhibit about a very special trip in November 2016, to South Georgia Island, the Falklands and Antarctica.

I hope this exhibit and the comments will help more people understand that what humans do is affecting the Antarctic in major ways, and what is happening in the Antarctic will soon be affecting humanity, most dramatically through rising sea levels.

Interested Artists

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