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Portraits by Susan Schaefer


About the Artist

When approached in respect and humility any subject reveals its hidden nature. All of my work is an attempt to coax the invisible to become visible. - Susan Schaefer

In 2015 Schaefer was granted access to photograph the courageous firefighters of the Seward Neighborhood's Minneapolis Fire Department (MFD) Station #7. These stewards of public service graciously posed, sharing stories and intimate reflections. For Schaefer, whose godfather was fire captain of Philadelphia's 50th Ward, they are genuine champions - selfless defenders of our public realm.

Carrying up to 60 lbs. of gear while scaling precipitous heights, fearlessly facing scorching conflagrations, and administering life saving first aid are but a few of modern, highly skilled and trained firefighters duties. Firefighters tor Healing is an acclaimed 501-(C)(3) that supports burn victims and their families in ways insurance companies and caretakers are unable to.

This exhibit uses fine art portraiture and still lifes to create an accessible and universal portrayal of the humans of the MFD.

Susan Schaefer is a communications consultant, professor, and photojournalist - a verbal and visual storyteller. Her work currently appears in The SouthWest Journal's monthly "Creative Class" column. She studies in the University of Minnesota's Fine Arts Department and is a recent graduate of St. Catherine's Women's Art Institute.

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Interested Artists

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