Art in the Cafe

Paintings by Kari Maxwell


About the Artist

Regardless of subject, I continue to find that my work is either of reflection of where I have been or a hint of where I am going. I work intuitively. With proper rest, solitude, meditation, affirmation and what seems like, a million paintings gone to waste, a new body of work is born. My most successful paintings occur when I lose all inhibitions and make a mess. I honor the days of creative freedom where what was “wasted” is just as important as what remains. My challenge as an artist is to trust that this is all part of a larger process, creating another layer of my story.

My intent with this particular body of work is to remind the viewer that although every individual is more than likely part of a group, they are most importantly, a unique individual. Perhaps these groups of animals we sometimes overlook can be seen differently. Perhaps instead of noticing herds, flocks or colonies, we’ll begin to notice individuals and all the quirks and idiosyncrasies in each being which are necessary when creating a whole.

Kari Maxwell is a visual artist, educator and creative coach. She resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota where she works from her home studio continuing to live by her motto of creating everyday. Maxwell is represented by galleries in Iowa, Minnesota, Montana and Wisconsin. Encouraging and supporting the creative process for other individuals is one of her favorite things. In the spring of 2014, Maxwell founded The Create Everyday Classroom in the Whittier neighborhood of Minneapolis where she teaches intuitive art classes for all ages (specializing in ages 3 - 9 years). For more information, visit Kari's website or her blog titled, Create Everyday.

Interested Artists

Artists interested in showing their work at the cafe can send us an email with a letter of interest, resume, and at least five work samples.